Erotic massage Kiev

Interior Of Salon

The Luxmassage salon is the premium-class showroom with the luxurious design of each room and the first-class quality of our services. We are located in a separate building, so unlike other similar showrooms, which are located in flats, you will not see suspicious glances from the neighbors and don’t feel any discomfort. We guarantee you full confidentiality of your visit and have a strict face-control. Our salon is situated in the center of Kiev, so it will not be a problem to find us. We have a parking and sign, so you will not pass by.

We offer our visitors four different rooms, each of that is designed in the unique style. Also, you can choose our sauna for the birthday, bachelor, and friend parties.

Each of our rooms is absolutely clean and meets all sanitary standards, so you definitely will not be disappointed with the quality of our services.

Our Hall

The first thing you see when entering our salon is hall. Here you will be able to choose the desired procedure, learn about each of our masseuses and, if necessary, get consultations from our administrator. There is also a comfortable leather sofa in our lobby, where you can relax and prepare yourself for absolutely new feelings and emotions. Our hall- is a gate to the real paradise on Earth, having visited which only once, you will not be able to stop.


Room #1: "VIP"- room

If you prefer luxury and want to feel the real atmosphere of the Middle Ages- this room is for you. In this comfortable atmosphere, you will learn what is the real pleasure and be able to feel all the charm of the touches of our masseuse. Just relax and be ready to fully immerse yourself in a paradise bliss for hours…


This room of our salon is also equipped with comfortable Jacuzzi.


Room #2: "Antique"- room

The second room in our salon is designed in the antique style, so if you want to feel yourself like in the real fairytale- stop your choice on this option. In this sensual and gentle atmosphere of this room, our masseuse like a real princess from a wonderful fairytale will show you what the real pleasure is.


Room #3: "Mirror"- room

This room is one of the most popular in our salon and this choice can be easily explained. Having chosen the Mirror-room you will be able to see each movement of the beautiful masseuse and enjoy each centimeter of her body from different angles. It will be the unrepeatable experience! So, if you want to maximally enjoy the procedure, this room with the mirror walls and ceiling will help you in it.


This room of the Luxmassage salon is also equipped with the shower cabin.


Room #4: "Thai"- room

People in Asia know all secrets of the real pleasure that the human body can feel. Having chosen the Thai room from our list, you will be able to feel the unique atmosphere of the East and completely forget about your everyday life for several hours… Enjoy the passion and feel all secrets of Asian pleasure by yourself with our masseuse in this mysterious room.


Sauna in the “Luxmassage”

Beside the rooms designed in different styles, we also offer our visitors luxurious sauna, where you will be able to have an unforgettable bachelor or birthday party or just a meeting with your friends.

Our sauna is decorated in the ancient style. Murals on its walls together with the real fireplace will help you to distract from your everyday problems and immerse in the real pleasure.

This sauna can be a good choice for a company of six people.


We have already mentioned that our salon is one of the best available today in the whole Ukraine, so you can be sure that all kits are disposable and all sanitary norms are respected. Each room is cleaned before each visit, so all the elements such as sofa, wardrobe, Jacuzzi, bed, door handles and tubs are treated with special antiseptic agents. We care about our reputation and provide you with the first-class services, adhering to all necessary sanitary requirements.